All Payment Processors Are Not Created Equally.

B2B Payment Processing Experts

There are over 5,000 companies in the US that sell credit card processing including banks and brokers. However, there are only eight companies that process approximately 98% of all transactions. Sterling Payment Technologies is one of those eight companies.  

As a result, we remove the additional layer of cost and save our clients on average 30-40% in processing fees. Sterling has been leading the industry for more than 15 years in the Business-to-Business (B2B) merchant processing space. B2B is our sole focus.

Superior Customer Service

B2B is our sole focus. We go above and beyond for our clients and it shows. Our service agreements are month-to-month with no cancellation fees. Merchants are not contractually obligated to stay with us, yet we maintain a client retention rate of 96%, nearly 25% higher than the national average. In an industry known for its merchants frequently switching processors, that statistic speaks volumes.  

 Innovators of B2B Technology

Sterling was the first B2B processor to trademark Interchange Management Technology.┬« Interchange Management┬« automatically monitors each transaction, placing it in the lowest qualified rate category. This technology saves you time, reduces human error and lowers expenses by up to 40% for Level 2 and Level 3 processing costs. 

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Monthly Webinars

Monthly Webinars

On the last Thursday of each month, we host live webinars on topics that impact B2B entities such as PCI compliance, card brand regulations, and cost saving ideas. Click here for replays and upcoming webinars. 

ask howard

Ask Howard Q & A Call

Have payment processing questions? Ask Howard! Howard Cooper hosts a thirty minute live Q&A session open to all B2B merchants. Don't understand your statement? Want to integrate an ERP System? Ask Howard!

case study

Case Studies

Learn how we provide innovative solutions to various payment processing problems, improve process efficiencies and strengthen security. Click here to view case studies highlighting clients across multiple industries. 


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Take a moment to learn what your fellow MATR members already know. Sterling is not your typical payment processor. We work with each of our customers to provide the best solutions for their business. Call Bridgette Kime at 888-564-9564 x3025, or send an email to She will call you back within 24 hours.